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Re: Airfix Highlander

This argument will never have end.
I have read many accounts of British Line in the Peninsular and Waterloo which point to (no pun intended!) bayonets being fixed ready to receive the enemy. So once enough volleys had been poured into the advancing French, to cause them to falter in a daze and shock, the British would then charge with bayonet. To suddenly pause to fix bayonets would lose all impetus. I suppose it was a Napoleonic form of "shock and awe"!

Also if a battalion had to form square upon threat of cavalry upon them, when seconds count, and they were in a firing line, when exactly do they get the opportunity to fix bayonets???!! The whole battalion operated in unison. They would be drilled exactly how to move from line into square, quickly and efficently. Its a detailed process portrayed in Fawcett & then Dundas' drill manuals among others.
Stopping to fix a bayonet when cavalry is about to chop you down isnt very efficent!!! If bayonets were not already fixed then the square wouldnt of had the same was ment to provide 4 walls of steel which not only the troopers would of been wary of, but so too taking into account the "flight" nature of a horse.

You obviously have your own beliefs. Thats fair enough.

But the fact is, if the bayonets were moulded on, those who think they should be there have them, those who dont can then just simply trim them off. As it stands, only one of these instances is catered for. As said by many on many ocaissions, its easier to trim a bayonet off than attach one.
The other British sets had bayonets fixed. Who said you had to order arms with a bayonet attached for example?

Re: Firing line- oh my lord!

Maybe these guys could have some North American uses, particularly for 1812-15? Canadian militia units and regulars missing standard equipment seems like something those forces fighting the Americans would have to handle quite often. But yea, not ideal; reminds me of when I used to press the first version Airfix British Paratroops into service as Polish infantry due to lack of other options on hand! :joy:

Re: Firing line- oh my lord!

Again as metioned before, THEY NEED A BAYONET FITTED!!!!!!! also some realy wierd stances, luckily i can cut the foredge cap heads of and replace with correct head, but bayonets are alot harder to do.