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Re: Afrika Korps!

Hi again
all these posts have got me thinking. Perhaps our thoughts can get creative ideas and juices going?!
As for AK esp. Airfix type 2 I suspect some people have been looking at PSR. For myself the problems are men with shovels, likewise type 1 pick'n'shovel men, surrendering, lunging man with legs far apart, bayonetting, no machine gun No 2. Why do so many manufactureres feel it's necessary to have bayonetting poses? If I'm correct there wasn't much bayonetting in WW2! I'd love to see these shortcomings addressed!
Looking beyond AK reworking, I'll have another look at Italian forces. It reminded me that I have a couple of Waterloo 1815 Italian Support Groups - I'll have to see if I can get a couple more.
They have some of the rare, albeit useless Italian weapons - I see a flamethrower - yet the Italians had these.
So, why doesn't somebody, hint, hint, produce similar sets for the AK? Even with rare and unusual weapons!
The Waterloo sets are generally good, with cavalry etc, but again the shortcomings are for colonial sets. See EWM for Vichy troops and equipment if you like metal and your budget stretches to them!
Best regards to all as ever