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Re: Friday in Waiting

Oh ... Wow ... and ... Wow!!! Didn't see these earlier as there were so many new threads and this one moved ever further down, but that's absolutely awesome. Also shows that Airfix's french artillery still is of some use. How many boxes went into this one?
Can't say it often enough: Fantastic work! Is there more? La Haye Sainte or Plancenoit?

Re: Friday in Waiting

General Picton has his own blog if you would like to visit it? You can spend ages just looking over the pictures with your jaw dropped in amazement!

This is the link:

The work is truly fantastic and the level of conversion ability is something I can only dream about!

Re: Friday in Waiting

Thanks! Just found out about it by myself and then I realized I had previously seen his fantastic work on Benno's site. Just didn't make the connection at the time I posted - stupid me :sunglasses: It's now been added to my favorites. Truly amazing stuff! There are some real artists at work here!

Re: Friday in Waiting

Dear Strelets :- Good figures but can they please have the brown bess instead of the carbine??!! Can they also have a bayonet fitted, no forage caps unless they are spare heads plus can coat tails have turnbacks please??!! This would turn a good set into a great set, as is at the moment i wil not be includeing them into my collection.