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Re: 1st of May - International Worker's Day

A somewhat over engineered device I feel ;-)

Re: 1st of May - International Worker's Day

This blog has some info about french rations, scroll down for a sketch of the two guys with the pole/stick with loaves and soup tins... they appear to be carrying enough for the daily ration of 12 men... total weight 9kg bread, soup tins maybe 6-8kg for the soup tins...

Re: 1st of May - International Worker's Day

Dear Strelets,

This has been a *huge* week for previews!

I came to this first post second. Great to see more of those Russian hussars. The French infantry out of the line is going to be a set that I'll be keen to get.

J'ai faim pour café et du pain!

All up to your high-level standard and providing the variety and novelty of the 'Strelets touch'. Much excited anticipation at this end!

Regards, James