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Re: 1st of May - International Worker's Day

What a very nice surprise! Great sculpting and very good ideas! If I could wish for something it would be new sculpts for Russian and British infantry for the Crimean War. The old cavalry sets are o.k. but the infantry sets are somewhat outdated by todays sculpting standards and of limited use with all poses being different.

Re: 1st of May - International Worker's Day

A somewhat over engineered device I feel ;-)

Re: 1st of May - International Worker's Day

This blog has some info about french rations, scroll down for a sketch of the two guys with the pole/stick with loaves and soup tins... they appear to be carrying enough for the daily ration of 12 men... total weight 9kg bread, soup tins maybe 6-8kg for the soup tins...

Re: 1st of May - International Worker's Day

Dear Strelets,

This has been a *huge* week for previews!

I came to this first post second. Great to see more of those Russian hussars. The French infantry out of the line is going to be a set that I'll be keen to get.

J'ai faim pour café et du pain!

All up to your high-level standard and providing the variety and novelty of the 'Strelets touch'. Much excited anticipation at this end!

Regards, James