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Re: It`s Friday and time for the new Desert stuff.

Can still remember the turmoil here and at other hobby forums when Caesar released their 1st set on the subject in 2006 (H031 Modern Urban Resisters).
Considered soberly, a successful set, but for some forumists it was already way beyond the bounds of what was tolerable.

For many hobbyists it seems more acceptable to limit drastic depictions to conflicts that took place further back in time.
The mentioned Vikings are a good example, but on the other hand there were also a few oversensitive comments on Linear-A's Varus Battle sets.
Although there might be geezers who would rejoice if there was an "appropriate" set on the Holocaust, ostensibly because it would be "so original", I would find it extremely distasteful.
The same blokes, however, would probably have a problem with the depiction of starving Boer families in british concentration camps... as would I, by the way.
This illustrates an often biased & undifferentiated attitude unfortunately displayed by a few.
Furthermore, it should of course be clear that an apparent "terrorist" can be a heroic "freedom fighter" for others.
Again a question of perspective, as so often.

Regarding the farcical attitude of being permanently offended nowadays, I can only agree. Such people often contribute nothing of substance other than endlessly repeating their indignation and obvious inability to fully consider & understand complex themes.

In view of the transgressions of the Gourmirs, one or more sets of various European (& perhaps East Asian) WWII civilians could be a reasonable solution. These often requested sets could also include a few restrained scenes regarding terrorised civilians.

Re: It`s Friday and time for the new Desert stuff.

Good and right words my friend.