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Napoleon's General Staff

Does anyone else in the U.K. see the resemblance between Gordon Brown(Ex Prime Minister), and the little emperor when I saw the contribution I had a little chuckle. They both scowled a lot and wanted to rule the world.

No Scottish jokes please we do like to smile up here in Scotland.



Re: Napoleon's General Staff

Crikey now that you mention it, he really does look like Gordon Brown!!!! The scowl is uncanny!!!
Now that ive seen it....i cant unsee it!!

Re: Napoleon's General Staff

Allan, Yes! A definite resemblance to Mr Gordon Brown, ex-Prime Minister of 'these British Isles'. What a lot has happened since Mr Brown stepped down, and not all for the good either by any reasonable person's estimation. Gordon seems a great deal happier now that he is not PM, based on recent TV interviews I've seen. A happy Scotsman, and I bet you're happy to have him living up there too:relieved:

Borodino's artwork on these fine sculpts is quite amazing, but even so please allow me two other possible political comparisons.....

There is something about Marshal Ney which reminds me of the ex-President of the USA, Donald Trump...something about his swagger and over-bearing manner. And the other Marshal with baton...could he perhaps be none other than President Macron of France, in historic fancy dress?