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Re: British Dragoon Masters

This is a superb set! The inclusion of the officer with telescope, drummer and the guidon bearer - all nicely posed - makes for an excellent command group. The two mounted grenadiers are nice additions: these mark it as a little later in the WoSS, and post-war, but I'd say that this is a set of British cavalry (replacing the drummer with a trumpeter) that is useable all the way through the first half of the 18th century. It would be ideal as a British dragoon unit for the first Jacobite Rising (1715) for example. As noted before here, the horses are very fine sculpts.

A set worth buying and painting even if you are not collecting the full WoSS range.

Re: British Dragoon Masters

A very very nice set indeed.
Superb horses.

Re: British Dragoon Masters

A superb set indeed! Well done again, Strelets! Now all this fine stuff just has to be released!