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British Dragoon Masters

You guys are better than myself with the unis for that period, but for me they look REALLY nice. My only small gripe is the swords seem just a tad too small, but that is understandable and frankly pretty common across the hobby at the moment. Love to see a set with great horse poses and a full command structure, top marks (provided the unis check out).

Re: British Dragoon Masters

This is a superb set! The inclusion of the officer with telescope, drummer and the guidon bearer - all nicely posed - makes for an excellent command group. The two mounted grenadiers are nice additions: these mark it as a little later in the WoSS, and post-war, but I'd say that this is a set of British cavalry (replacing the drummer with a trumpeter) that is useable all the way through the first half of the 18th century. It would be ideal as a British dragoon unit for the first Jacobite Rising (1715) for example. As noted before here, the horses are very fine sculpts.

A set worth buying and painting even if you are not collecting the full WoSS range.

Re: British Dragoon Masters

A very very nice set indeed.
Superb horses.

Re: British Dragoon Masters

A superb set indeed! Well done again, Strelets! Now all this fine stuff just has to be released!