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Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

Hi everyone.

After a 15 year absence from the hobby, I have been using lockdowns to get back into it, also overcoming the trauma of losing a collection of over 5000 1/72 figures during a country move more than a decade ago ;(

I'm based in Cambodia, where understandably it's not easy to source paints, products, etc but I would like - as a passion project - to get 1/72 figures that could be used for a diorama representing the Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century (famous for Angkor Wat).

Has anyone tried to buy figures for this era before and have any suggestions of what sets of figures could be used? (I am in the infancy of researching myself).

Thanks in advance and for the forum which I have followed from the outside for far too long!

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

Hi Steve, not much of an expert myself, just took a quick look at some pictures on the web. It seems soldiers went mostly unarmored with bare chests and some kind of loincloth. If that's correct you might look for Caesar Ancient sets (Egyptians, Hittite etc.) as well as ancient Indian armies (Coats and Shine, Lucky Toys). Some conversions will probably be necessary though. Take a look at plasticsoldierreview.

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

Thanks. Yes I have some good visuals online and have been using Plasticsoldierreview as a reference - Now is the fun part to try and match up the suitable available figures- but your suggestions seem good. Thanks!

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

If your heart is set on plastic figures then a lot of conversions will be required, which in itself can be fun. However, if you would rather have figures which are already designed for the purpose you require, you may wish to have a look at Irregular Miniatures and their 28mm range of metal figures. This may also be of interest:

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

Yes unfortunately it's the costs that will rule out metal figs, especially with the difficulties I've had trying to get figures here. Thanks though.

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

Fascinating army! For me the most logical base faction to use would be King Porus' Ancient Indians from HaT and Lucky Toys (produced by Caesar), then work from there. These sets should give you some unarmoured infantry and elephants, then some armoured components could be mixed in from other sets when desired.

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

The Khmer had excellent trade connections with most southeastern Asian societies, so here are a few other ideas:

Linear-A 008 The Silk Road in Ancient Times- Gives you some nice pack animals and some Chinese traders that would fit right in.

RedBox Imjin Wars Line- The Japanese are probably a little too distinctive without a bunch of remodeling, but the Chinese and Korean sets could offer some plausible options when used with the ancient Indians.

Strelets #025 Medieval Crossbowmen- May seem like a bit of a head scratcher, but crossbowmen were an important part of Khmer armies at this time and if you need groups of crossbowmen in our scale then this is basically the only choice. A few of the hooded and kettel helmet poses could be passed off as Khmer with some clever artwork and remodelling.

HaT Sumerians- Great source for a concentrated group of unarmoured spearmen and archers. The helmets are distinctly Sumerian and so present a bit of a problem, but outside of that their dress is rather Khmer or could represent something like Srivijaya to the southeast.

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

Thanks! Will look into those for sure. Appreciate the help.

Re: Khmer Angkor Empire XII Century

Hi, thanks to everyone who previously replied.

(I can't figure out how to added images here) but I found another great link with images of Khmer armies and tactics (it's a FB link though won't work if I add it here).