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Re: Python Training

I would like to see a Senegalese Tirailleurs set with their distinctive scarlet hat "chechia", scarlet sash around their double breasted coat "paletot" waist, as well as armed with their infamous "coup coup" machetes, special backpacks "barda senegalais"

Re: Python Training

Well, Wednesday morning I thought that one figure was not really enough to foresee the full potential of the complete set. :wink:

One of the many criteria in which Strelets is clearly superior to less capable competitors is the variety of poses.
Standard sets of recent date offer 14-21, so-called "mini" sets 12-14 poses.
Since we haven't seen all Gourmiers yet, Strelets could try to cover a wider range of possible uses by offering different weapons, webbing & helmets on some figures?
Ideally we would end up with separate WWI/Rif and WWII sets, but this seems quite unlikely.
As so often, some modifications can surely be achieved with a little imagination, knife work & putty. :smile:

Anyway, very happy about these first Goumiers in 1/72 and as mentioned before, it would imho be equally helpful to finally have WWI and WWII Tirailleurs & Spahis as well.

Re: Python Training

Certainly have the potential for a lot of sets of figures never seen before. Could do with more colonial figures especially for the first half of the 20th century.

Could we also have some European colonial French for the same period (not just FFL although these figures have been great)) - the Vichy French in particular would be useful. Like the WW2 BEF the French army does seem to be side-lined by figure manufacturers.

Re: Python Training

Hurra`!! The Goumiers...finally...brava Strelets crew.

Re: Python Training

Looks like a late war Goumier US issued belt, helmet and probarbly a springfield rifle?...

Very Nice! but doesnt work for WW1 or any time in between, but would like to see some African troops that would, preferably Senegalese...


Re: Python Training


You cant have Python without Spam


Re: Python Training

Oddly enough, when I completed basic army training way back in 1975, the march played at the pass in review was the Liberty Bell March - better known as he theme from Monty Python's Flying Circus!

I don't which was more bizarre, the choice of music or the sight of a delegation of JAPANESE officers, complete with Samurai swords, in front of the reviewing stand!:thinking_face: