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Re: Trouble at the Souk

Another outstanding Contribution of Deserty FFL & Arabs theme! I especially like the close-up photos that really show your attention to small details, such as ammo pouches and suspenders. The more close ups together with panorama shots are big enjoyment for me.

Another interesting thing is the combined FFL and Arabs, both S*R, in the same contribution. Plus with all due respect, I also really enjoy Alan's close ups with the FFL fort by Italeri.

The more contributors who paint up the same sets the better. Everyone has their own styles, and all are really enjoyable to look at, so everyone, please keep inundating S*R with many more Contributions!

Thank you, gentlemen! :palm_tree: :earth_africa: :camel: :sunny:

Re: Trouble at the Souk

Many thanks for the complements chaps.
In answer to your query Alan, the buildings are scratch built and are supposed to be generic, so I expect to be able to use them in other situations. I'm flattered you would ask if its laser cut as my rather iffy doorways will attest. I used a small hobby jigsaw from Lidl's on thin plywood.
I agree that by studying painted figures by others helps us and has done so on numerous occasions. unfortunately however I seem physically incapable of dry brushing and as such rely heavily on black lining for shadow and shading.
Now like the rest of us I'm curious as to see the next contribution.

Re: Trouble at the Souk

Hello Paul,

really nice work... think it inst easy to give figures and Landscape this touch of "dusty desert"... And your arabian buildings are a famous background for this FFL-patrol.. Wonderful.. :scream: