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Re: Any Interest?

Imperial Romans are the obvious no-brainer here and a logical starting point, one needs large quantities & wide variety to cover numerous possible conflicts & theatres.
It would be most promising if Strelets reworked & expanded their Roman range in the style of their beautiful 2017 Auxiliaries.
According to the original request, of course it should read Republican & Imperial Romans ... :sweat_smile:

Re: Any Interest?

Dear 'Babylonian',

There is the second large set of Romans in Strelets' plans ((08). It would be great if it had an expanded range of command figures (beyond the wonderful ones that were in 907).

In answer to a query that I had about it years ago Strelets mentioned that they were considering a few different options for it. I cannot recall exactly what they were, but have some recollection of command and even triumph being options?!



Re: Any Interest?

Interesting to hear, thanks for the info.