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Re: After Easter Eggs

Mr Pavol,

you have a very good point of view, and I agree in the 90% of your analysis!!
Surely soviets had carried out the most greater effort at the war against the nazi's Germany, there is no doubt about it.
But Britain and the Commonwealth were supplying, all over the war period, every resistance group in Europe and gave vast numbers of equipment to the USSR (the worth of aircraft engines only, was about 1,1bn British pounds). They also carried out the task of delivering the goods, by numerous convoys and great losses, engaging the whole German navy plus they (with Americans) bombed every industrial city and town in the third Reich and the occupied Europe.
And Moscow, in 1941, was the communication and transportation centre of the entire Soviet Union, and the communist capital of course. Too big to be lost, by my opinion.
In Napoleonic wars, Moscow was just a great city (Saint Petersburg was the capital).
And in 1941, Leningrad was already under siege...
And Napoleon's great enemy (as Hitler's till 1941) was, who else? The British empire!!!

But I still must say that I may be wrong. Who knows with the "ifs" in history...
I fully respect your opinion and I thank you for our little discussion!!!

Re: After Easter Eggs

Hi Marios .yes just like in ww2 in napoleonic wars British were main enemy of Napoleon. If you compare French army of napoleonic war they were sort of like German blitzkreig in ww ii. Moving faster then enemies. French artillery of napoleonic wars had cannons 25% lighter then their opponents so that contributed greatly to speed ov movement. British natiion did the best they could when they focused more on the navy as island country.and in ww 2 plus on air forces. RAF did excellent job against german Luftwaffe while outnumbered.when first accidental bombing of london happened and British retaliated by unexpectedly bombing raid on berlin this paradoxically benefited to RAF as angered hitler gave orders for bombing london and other british shifting from attacking british air fields, air fighters command installations to cities and that relived pressure on RAF. In my opinion many so called minor first battles were more important then we think. For Hitlers Germany it was in spain legion condor who encountered Russian supplied aircrafts and tanks to republicans.also very important was using first time 88mm flak 16 anti aircraft artillery guns against republicans tanks&fortifications with direct . Yes speaking of delivering goods 7% were lost due to loss. I thank you too for interesting discussion :-) nobody can’t know everything that is why we learn from each other.... I also like Churchill of his iron leadership. And I nearly forgot hitler by writing his book mein kampf let others know what he is going to do ahead of time. Stalin has read it it was translated to him so sooner or later he would attack hitlers garmany. Soviet-germany pakt was only made for 2 reason for hitler offense on west and divide poland for Stalin get time to modernize soviet after winter war with Finland he realized that much needs to be done.... I agree, yes we can’t be sure with if’s we can only try calculating... after all even now always something new is discovered so many if’s. :grinning: