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Spare heads for Conversions

Further to General Pictons remarks about converting ACW figures etc, I wondered whether its feasable to suggest that perhaps Strelets could produce small boxes of spare heads for popular eras?

So for example, for Napoleonics, a small box for Britain with Belgic and Stovepipe shako wearing heads? Perhaps some Light Infantry shakos too and Stovepipes with braid for Hannoverian Landwehr?
A box for Prussians with shako and cap wearing heads for line and landwehr, perhaps also Czapka (is that the spelling?!!) type headdress for the 3rd Silesian Landwehr cavalry or the Bremen Volunteers squadron?
Then of course a French set with heads with various line shakos, some for elite companys. Some cavalry heads too.
A small box for all the main nations would offer massive possibilities. Perhaps some heads uncovered, some wearing bandages in each box too?

In fact, in certain cases a mix and match could take place, for example some Prussian regiments wore British Stovepipes. Or change some British Infantry to have Prussian Landwehr Caps to help create Hannoverian Landwehr?

I suggested Strelets doing something like this as the facial features in their recent figures are 2nd to none. Make them with a small diameter lug on the base so all anyone has to do is, cut off the unwanted head and drill a small hole. Then the new head just needs gluing on.

What do others think? Nothing major just some small boxes of spare heads for the most popular eras where conversions of heads/headwear are advantageous?

Re: Spare heads for Conversions

Good idea, though I'd be happy if Strelets - or for that matter any other producer - would do it as Hat did with its Peninsular British Infantry set, 96 figures + 48 spare heads, you can't complain about that. Just checked it and they're still available.
Talking about spare heads, what about heads without shakos or bandaged heads or forage caps?

Re: Spare heads for Conversions

My thinking is for boxes of spare heads only. No figures.
Idea being you dont have buy a load of figures you may have plenty of already, or simply dont want/need, just to get the spare heads.

Works out expensive too, buying figure sets just for the spare heads. Hence thinking of this idea. ​So dedicated boxes just for spares would also help keep costs & wastage down.

The Hat Peninsular set is great though as you mention. But this is a case in point, where i could definately use the spare heads, but have more than enough of the figures themselves.

Re: Spare heads for Conversions

I'm always grateful when a producer includes several different style spare heads in a set. Especially when the heads have a long peg connecting it to the sprew. This way it can be cut close to the sprew and as mentioned, drilling a new hole and just pushing the peg into the shoulders is tight enough. I use isopropil alcohol to lube it so it goes into the hol more easily. When the head is a "snug" fit Swoppet Style there is no need for glue.

I also aprreciate extra heads included in each set because the colour is the same since I don't paint my collection.

I love doing conversions and always swop at least some of the heads, so Roger W's idea is a great one.

Re: Spare heads for Conversions

I think it is a fantastic idea! I have been meaning to ask if Strelets would consider selling half sets of some of the superb new Napoleonic Russian figures: all the men wearing overcoats and forage caps work very nicely for Crimean war regiments, but I don't really want to buy a box of figures if I can only use half of them. A box of heads with forage caps and spiked helmets would be just the ticket!

Heads with slouch hats would also convert the excellent Boer War British into late war, as well as the obvious ACW opportunities

Re: Spare heads for Conversions

I would buy bucket loads if they were produced!

Heads up, Strelets!

Just a great idea.

How about it, Strelets?


Re: Heads up, Strelets!

A really great idea!

Where can i buy 50 of this "head-sets" ??? :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: