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Everyone's favourite robot is back

'William' has 'found' us again. Oh joy.

To all at Strelets, I hope that 'it' doesn't cause the disruption to you/the forum of recent times.

Regards, James

Re: Everyone's favourite robot is back

Hi James,

Yes, it would seem that 'William' is cunning and persistent, a bit like another well-known virus starting with a 'C'.:face_with_rolling_eyes:

Re: Everyone's favourite robot is back

Why must it always be trolls? Can't we have some elves, fairies or pixies for a change?

Seriously, it's probably just a pityable, lone guy in a godforsaken country with no girlfriend, work or hobby, pestering people for a few miserable bucks to go by. As long as we don't have those awful x-rated links back, best just ignore the fellow.

Everyone's Favourite Robot is Back

What a let down, I was hoping for Robot B-9.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Everyone's Favourite Robot is Back

Yep like a bad rash he just wont go away!

As for robots its a shame he isnt Mr Robinson instead of Mr Smith....then it could be a case of...."Danger Will Robinson"!!

Re: Everyone's favourite robot is back

Actually a person not a robot... fulfilling a quota...
The only way to stop this kind of Spam is with a membership that vets new members, some of the forums I'm on actually do this, but wth only a few oddballs its more trouble then its worth as its easy to delete a few spam posts, strelets needs a moderator whoose on the ball...


Re: Everyone's favourite robot is back

It just needs a better barrier preventing the spam posts. The "picture puzzles" dont always appear when starting a new subject or post, so they are not very effective. To be fair it isnt as much spam as before. As long as nothing X-rated pops up again, that was a big no-no.

A moderator is not needed here. Its a very good, well mannered forum. Even when we may not all agree with something. Generally its treated like an adult discussion with sensible debate and humour.

I very much doubt most people who post here would want this site turning into Hats forum, where even the tiniest little hint of dissent is removed.