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Re: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all!

Great figures, wonderful sculpted and very vivid. Strelets, your sculptors become still better than they already were. Absolutly impressive!

My eyecatcher gift to you and all forum members

I will need certainly still more cuirassiers. I couldn´t wait on yours, but I hope to create still more regiments.

Re: Happy Easter!

Lots of good and useful poses here and the 'trumpeter at rest' figure I was hoping for too!

All the WoSS cavalry sets we have seen to date have particularly good officers/senior officers, and this remains true with this set.

Will be interesting to see the horses, which I'm sure will be the very good standing/at rest sculpts that we have seen - but hopefully with two pistol holsters rather than one pistol holster and a tool on the other side?

Thanks Strelets.

Re: Happy Easter!

Excellent! Thank you Mr S and happy Easter to you.

The one thing about ths range has been the quality and innovation in the officer figures. No more mere figureheads, these guys look like they've actually turned up to do the job. Always characterful, thank you.

Re: Happy Easter!

Dear Strelets,

Lovely figures for the belated Friday teaser. To echo and 'cherry-pick' the comments of others: a wonderful variety of excellent poses, marvellous character and beautiful sculpting.

Regards, James

Re: Happy Easter!

Bravo, Strelets! Great job. The WSS line is a new step in the production of 72-scale miniatures! We are very grateful to you

Re: Happy Easter!

I agree the figures look great, hope I finish painting my other WSS figures in time to start on these

Re: Happy Easter!

Great figures,
Happy Easter too!!!

Re: Happy Easter!

Thanks for consistently sharing your great figures, such as this beautiful set again. :+1:

Late Easter greetings to all readers and the hardworking Strelets crew! :relaxed:

Re: Happy Easter!


Re: Happy Easter!


:tulip: :hibiscus: :rose: :blossom: :beetle: