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Re: Reissue?

I wish Strelets would re-release set 011, Allied Chiefs of Staff (2). As more British Waterloo
sets are being released by Strelets, this staff set is needed more and more.
I would like to see a newer set for the 100 days with Allied General Staff on horseback.
The obvious big names...Wellington, Prince of Orange, Uxbridge, Rebeque, Hill, Picton etc but also Divisional/Brigade staff & some ADCs.
Like how Newline Designs have done their metal general staff sets....only a tad bigger!! I have the British, Netherlands, Prussian & French Newline staff sets for Waterloo and while I really like them and the range of people you get, they look a bit "childlike" next to who they command!

Re: Reissue?

Any chance of reissuing some earlier figures? Especially some of the impossible-to-find ones like Austrians/Hungarians M024 and M083, WWII South Africans M103, Finnish M062 & M096 etc.
I have them all. I am putting on eBay my 1/72 figures on sale.

So check it every week and You will find there what You need. I have a lot of rare sets.

Kind regards,