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Re: Not Friday' s eye candy

Missing one Friday of \\\'eye candy is not, I would suggest, a cause for concern!

I remain amazed that Strelets are able to provide new master figures for us to view every week. When you consider that, at the beginnings of our hobby, Airfix, then ESCI managed maybe one or two new sets PER YEAR, then it makes you realise how lucky we are now with tens of new sets each year.
We've been spoiled by this wonderful "new normal". Very spoiled indeed.

Re: Not Friday' s eye candy

Yes it's Easter and it's a very big deal for some people. I think it's a particularly big deal in the Coptic Church.

For some it's the anniversary of a time when a chaotic world was put into order by a North Yorkshire lass. Wouldn't that be nice? :mask: :rabbit:

If I get the chance I'll work on converting some unique Strelets eye candy of my own.

Re: Not Friday' s eye candy

I think, strelets is preparing something big about Gallipoli campaign so the surprise will take place next week or the week after!!! (just dreaming...)