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Seminole Wars

What about the Seminole Wars? For various reasons. 1. Set of Seminole's a resilient native American Tribe who it can be argued were never defeated by the United States Government. 2. Amazing period which includes escaped slaves who fought against the USA Government with the Seminole. 3. Amazingingly rich culture of the Seminole re costumes and battle tactics. 4. Regular USA Troops can be used for the War of 1812 which will fill that missing gap and cover two campaigns. 5. Andrew Jackson with some Kentuckians and Jean Lafitte and his pirates. 6. As we are talking Florida Spanish troops can also be included. 7. Creek Indians as allies of the USA
A potential scope for 5 sets covering numerous campaigns.

Re: Seminole Wars

Well, when I think of the Seminole Wars I guess I think of the Second war, of 1835-1842, with the Dade Massacre, Osceola, Lake Okeechobee, and such. The uniform was much different with a distinctive leather hat, more like the ex-Army guy in the Osprey Alamo book and the ex-Army guy in the Imex Alamo Defenders set. I think it was the bigger of the three Seminole Wars.

But I can see some crossover uses for the sets you described. Certainly the Seminoles would be very similar for the first two wars.

Re: Seminole Wars

This is not a period or series of conflicts that I am familiar with, but I accept that it has not been covered in 1/72 plastic.

IMEX seem to be the company that 'does' the American West. I wonder whether this has ever been suggested to them? And if so, what their reaction was??

Re: Seminole Wars

The answer from Imex will be NO.

They have not done new figure sets in over 12 years.

They did not sell as well or as quickly as they hoped.

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