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Re: Alan's "Lawrence of Arabia" Contribution

Murat , thank you, but I am going to have to disappoint you, they were nothing more complex than free hand, they look better in the photo`s than under the magnifier, but base colour painted ,then free hand painted vertical stripes, then touched up with base colour where I had obviously erred. I almost painted over both do them as just one colour, but glad now I persevered with the original plan and stuck to my guns.

Re: Alan's "Lawrence of Arabia" Contribution

Thank's Alan,
I shall use my Chinese brushes for the fine detail.
I used to use (and still do) use the fine art brushes (Royal) 000; 00, and 0. (which are expensive). Last year, I had an aberration and, on eBay, I bought 100 micro-fine-detail brushes for £6.74, from China. Lo and behold I believe that they are as good as the art ones.
They have gone up in price, but at £7.91 for 100 they are still very good value.
If you are interested the eBay number is 363043564134.

Re: Alan's "Lawrence of Arabia" Contribution

Thank you Murat, Brushes like paints I am promiscuous with, always believing there could be something better out there, but I have settled in resent years to Games workshop brushes and some German made brushes I buy on ebay 5/0 and 10/0 for most of the detailed stuff, but the super fine stuff is reserved for the phyco brush from Army painter. I will give you recommendation a look,thanks again.

Re: Alan's "Lawrence of Arabia" Contribution

Fabulous and somewhat terrifying horde of charging Arabs. Great figures and wonderful painting. Love the guy in the stripes.

As I recall, the first set of Airfix figures I painted as a youngster were the Bedouins; I painted them nearly every colour I had a bottle of Airfix paint for. Arabia is bang in the middle of The Silk Road isn't it? And nomads love colourful things as long as they're portable.