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Re PSR Review...

Hello! Just finished reading PSR's Linear-A review for the second Cunaxa set and I have one word... ouch. Certainly have to agree that it is not one of my preferred offerings on the market right now, but as can be said about most sets there are some possibilities for these guys when utilized in the right circumstances.

I am excited to see what Linear-A has to offer in the future (I will purchase the Babylonians no matter what if they make it that far) and appreciate the transparency they, HaT (well at least in the old days), and Strelets show with their figure production. Linear-A categorizes their steps as such:

1. Epoch, Research, Review...
2. Drafts of Figures/Poses/Modelling Beings
3. Modelling Completed
4. Mold Construction Begins
5. Mold Finished
6. Production of Masters Starts
7. Production Finished
8. Shipping
9. Arrival at Bavarian HQ
10. Release for Sale


Well in this case I would say PSR has not actually read at least the first and most important source that they have quoted "Xenophones Anabasis"...
According to that:

1.2 "And the Greeks all had helmets of bronze, crimson tunics, and greaves, and carried their shields uncovered."

Which implies that shield on the march should be covered...

Note: Xenophone is never going to say what type of helmet is being worn, though he does describe some of the Barbarians in detail down to their helmet shapes, likely because his intended readers are Greeks and they know what Greek stuff looks like, here is where Archeology takes over and there are many helmet types, though not the classic Corinthian...

Xenophone himself appears to have carried more then one set on kit, how many others did likewise?, see pack animals later... This could be a quote from Mel Gibson "Patriot"...

3.2 "Hereupon Xenophon arose, arrayed for war in his finest dress. For he thought that if the gods should grant victory, the finest raiment was suited to victory; and if it should be his fate to die, it was proper, he thought, that inasmuch as he had accounted his office worthy of the most beautiful attire, in this attire he should meet his death."

3.3 "And the Greek rearguard, while suffering severely, could not retaliate at all; for the Cretan bowmen not only had a shorter range than the Persians, but besides, since they had no armour, they were shut in within the lines of the hoplites; and the Greek javelin-men could not throw far enough to reach the enemy's slingers. Xenophon consequently decided that they must pursue the Persians, and this they did, with such of the hoplites and peltasts as were guarding the rear with him; but in their pursuit they failed to catch a single man of the enemy."

This implies that armour was normal for many in the 10,000, and here again:

4.1 "Then it was that a brave man was killed, Leonymus the Laconian, who was pierced in the side by an arrow that went through his shield and cuirass"

Shoes and pack animals:
4.5 "Meanwhile they were being followed by the enemy, some of whom had banded together and were seizing such of the pack animals as lacked the strength to go on, and fighting over them with one another. Some of the soldiers likewise were falling behind—those whose eyes had been blinded by the snow, or whose toes had rotted off by reason of the cold. It was a protection to the eyes against the snow if a man marched with something black in front of them, and a protection to the feet if one kept moving and never quiet, and if he took off his shoes for the night; but in all cases where men slept with their shoes on, the straps sunk into their flesh and the shoes froze on their feet; for what they were wearing, since their old shoes had given out, were brogues made of freshly flayed ox-hides."

Finding these quote took a lot less time then writting this .-)

In regard to the actual question though once you get past stage 2 the ship has definatly sailed, since the toolmakers dont usually know about the subject and it wouldn't matter if they did! their job is to make the tool to the customers requirements...
Theres no replacement for decent research at stage 1 and good pose design at stage 2...

For me the set is of little use though I may buy a single set, to my mind it has too many other problems to consider more, though I wouldn't consider accuracy to be the main one...