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Re: Ordering from the EU

I've ordered some hard to get Strelets some from giamboneto in Italy and I can recommend him. Delivery time is reasonable and excess postage is refunded.
Regarding the man in Portugal who does 3d printed models I can only say that the man had a personal tragedy which may account for extended delivery times.
The actual models are generally very good with some rare and interesting subjects. The problem is removing excess plastic from some internal areas such as truck cab seats and turrets - I recently got a British Deacon spg and I've found it impossible to get all plastic out of the turret!
But most of the models are very good.
Hopefully delivery times will improve and overall I'd recommend these 3d models.
Best regards to all
Stay safe folks

Re: Ordering from the EU

Sorry to hear about Leonardo. I liked his figures. I have the prehistoric sets.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

He even linked my blog on his website.

Re: Ordering from the EU

Yes I didn't realise as his website has not been taken down or amended and I missed the obituary on Benno's forum. Very sad. I think I will order from Germania. Wonder if it is old stock or someone has taken over production?

Re: Ordering from the EU

I don't know what the situation is but my guesses would be that either Germania did the casting and therefore have an interest in the moulds/figures. Or that an agreement was made with Leonardo or his family. Same goes for Amos's figures at Spiera. If I sponsored some custom figures I wouldn't want them to die with me, I'd be happy for the casting service to keep them available for anyone who wanted to buy them.