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Re: Novel and marvellous

James Fisher
Linear a have posted more masters for their \"Neanderthal vs. Denisovan vs. Homo sapiens\".

What beautifully sculpted figures they are! A set that\'s one of those to get for the collection/hell of it.

Also perfect for use with \"Paleo Diet\"!

Regards, James
I expect it will be a good seller and fit in well with the Paleo diet though there's not much Mammoth jerky about these days..


Re: Novel and marvellous

Yes really like the look of them although they could be a bit more active. If anyone is interested there is a Russian company (one man band) called Andryllona and they do a small range of 3D printed Neanderthals and paleolithic animals which are lovely.

Re: Novel and marvellous

Btw the new Alliance fantasy sets are shwing on the Redbox site now.

Re: Novel and marvellous

Intriguing, but way too 'early' for my interest so far as 1/72 'armies in plastic' are concerned.

As an amateur and armchair archaeologist, these early humanoid races are of great interest; as is the fact that they are now being modelled in plastic.

But: somehow, early humans and proto-type humans in conflict just does not do anything for me - although I accept that this would have happened and did happen, often and in a very real sense.

I guess it is that lack of formations and 'organisation'...which makes anything earlier than, say, the Ancient Greek and Persian Wars difficult for me to relate to. I like my armies to form neatly into blocks/multiples of 10 or 12, and I think trying to gather Neanderthals into 'ranks' would be just a little difficult... :blush: