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Re: Old Guard on the March

#Paul I certainly didn't intend to start a controversy here or critize your choice of uniforms. After all there's enough room for interpretation here and besides it's still a hobby and everybody is free to do what he likes. It was just a question intended to start an exchange of educated guesses among enthusiasts and it think that's what it should always be.

Re: Old Guard on the March

Let me assure you I wasnt in the least offended. I was just explaining that if you thought theres any plan behind the scenario there wasn't.
I am in admiration of those of you that have the knowledge to consider whether a coat was worn on the day. However I'm sure the lads would be pleased to have those coats in Russia.
This is a friendly website (in the main) and I'm more amused by the sometimes heated arguments than otherwise. I wouldn't have a problem with asking for advice on this site, whereas on others I would have a certain hesitancy. The thing is for those of us that are not from a wargaming background this is quite a solitary hobby and I am pleased to view and have viewed the contributions and subsequent comments.
So thank you.

Re: Old Guard on the March

Dont worry Paul, no controversy here. Just a general discussion about if the French really did wear soaking wet, heavy greatcoats at Waterloo, so in no way aimed at your excellent painted figures.
I too have some guard infantry in greatcoats, some line battalions too.
I like the look of greatcoated French mixed together with the regular uniformed troops, gives an impression of how quickly they were mobilised and obviously the change from it being an imperial army to royal, only to go back to imperial again.

Re: Old Guard on the March

Dear Paul,

Beautifully painting, basing and presentation of these fine figures.

I tried to post a comment this morning our time, but got a message that the forum was 'full'. Pleased that it is not now!

Regards, James