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Gallipoli campaign

dear Strelets,

I think that a year ago or even more, there has been a discussion that took place in this very forum about some new items referring to the Gallipoli Front of First World War.
This front has supposed to shorten this great war, but instead of this turned out to be a disaster for British Commonwealth and the French army. This front also, forced Winston Churchill to step aside for so many years and return both fresh and wise, to be this great leader that stood alone, against all odds, during the second World War.
My question is: what about all these promised items (Turks, British, French) that some of us (I dare to say so many of us) are waiting so "looking forward"?
I think (the cherry on the cake as we Greeks use to say) that you are the one and only company that is able to fulfill this task in the right way!!!

Re: Gallipoli campaign

Yes, I'm very much looking forwarding to these as well - would be great if 'Diggers' were included as well!

Re: Gallipol1 Campaign

Yes ANZACS please. Guaranteed big seller for Aussie and Kiwi followers of the Hobby.

Re: Gallipoli campaign

We use that cherry on the cake expression as well 🙂

Re: Gallipoli campaign

Amazing isn't it ?!!!