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Re: Friday Weather: Drought in Desert, High Red Tide in the Low Lands


lovely figures indeed. As to what makes them French Dragoons, have a look at the discussion above. Generally speaking I suppose they will do for other nations (line) cavalry/horse as well, with some small changes as cutting away the cartridge box on the belt. The horses are perhaps more problematic if you want to use them for line cavalry, there should be two holsters on both sides of the saddle, no shovels or other equipment. Dragoons usually looked much the same as line cavalry (with some notable exceptions), the difference was in how they were used (as mounted infantry) and in their pay. It seems that British dragoons however were rarely used as infantry, but in the same way as "horse", only that they were payed less. So some regiments were designated "dragoons" for purely economical reasons. The "Horse" (Line) cavalry of some nations also (sometimes) had the better/heavier horses and might also have a (front) cuirass. There were a lot of subtle differences though. Try to get hold of a copy of C S Grant's "Armies and uniforms of Marlborough's wars" if you want more detail.