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Masters for Late War French Dragoons

Thank you Strelets for the pictures of this latest complete set of cavalry for the ever-expanding War of Spanish Succession range.

These are excellent sculpts, and the standing/in reserve horses look very good indeed.

I'm not at all sure about the title of this set though: so far as I am aware French dragoons retained their distinctive cap headgear throughout the WoSS and well beyond, indeed through much of the 18th century. These figures are wearing tricornes, and as such look to me to be ideal for generic cavalry of the period, indeed through to the middle of the century. I cannot see anything that distinguishes these as cavalry in the 'early war' or 'late' war period though: they look fine for the whole of the war of Spanish Succession. A proviso is the cartridge box held centrally on the waistbelt, not a position routinely employed by most cavalry: but this can easily be trimmed off.

The rather strange pose of the cornet (the chap with the flag that has a mind of its own) is notable, and quite how many of these I'd want to use I am not sure. The drummer is correct for dragoons, but as observed above 'if' this set is being used as cavalry (rather than dragoons) then a trumpeter would be more useful.

But individually, great figures, super horses and very useable. I'll be buying several boxes of this set.

Is it fair to assume this will be amongst the summer releases?

Re: Masters for Late War French Dragoons

Beautiful figures and superb horses indeed, well done again!
I'm also not so sure about the tricone though. The tricorne was there of course, but according to Letrune's book "the bonnet was always worn, except at parades when it was replaced by the tricorne". The Kronoskaf WoSS page is not very helpful here at present and their SYW page states that the bonnet was still used, only that (presumably by the ordonnance of May 1, 1750) "for combat dragoons wore a tricorne reinforced with an iron cap" so the use was reversed by the time of the SYW. For the period up to 1750 information is hard to come by, pictures in the Vinkhuijzen collection show the dragoons still wearing the bonnet 1720-1740, so ...?
Nevertheless, beautiful sculpting and certainly of use for the period up to the SYW and other nations.

Re: Masters for Late War French Dragoons

Indeed, very nice figures, but I agree with Minuteman´s critique that there are probably more as generic cavalry useful. Theirs sculpting is extraordinary, but I deplore that theirs coats are unfortunatly open which reduce theirs value very sensible for battles.
I can´t understand why Strelets doesn´t use more the knowledge of its forum-members. If Strelets would announce their next planned sets, many specialists will send them voluntary many ressources and pictures to find the right uniforms or historical details for each set. More satisfaction of theirs customers and more sales will been certainly the result.
Does Strelets know that the War ended in the year 1714? Personally, I am still uncertain how I may use this set or which changes are necessary to integrate them in my growing WSS-collection.

Re: Masters for Late War French Dragoons

Well, there's that. I suppose there are two sides to the medal. For once we should be grateful for the enthusiasm with which Strelets is pursuing this long neglected subject. On the other hand being a little too enthusiastic may sometimes lead to some not so lucky decisions based on rushed research, as with the French pikemen and the somewhat short muskets in another set. At least none of these sets are completely wrong, they still have their use for conversions and other periods. If everything else fails, I'll improvise and just shove these fellows a bit up the timeline and use them for one of my SYW armies.

Re: Masters for Late War French Dragoons

Those horses are indeed superb. If only they had been done like that for the Napoleonic Prussian cavalry sets. Would of suited the "at rest/ease" type style of those figures brilliantly. 😔

Im tempted to buy a box and see how easy it would be to convert (moreso chop away) all the extra horse furniture to more Napoleonic suited Prussians. Something tells me it would just be too much awkward work.

The style of the cavalrymen with swords drawn in that way would also of been better for the Prussian Hussars and Dragoons.
Hopefully any future "in reserve" type Napoleonic cavalry sets follow this example now, rather than previous ones playing around with carbines too much.

I may not be interested in the WSS, and i have absolutely no knowledge as to the historical accuracy of these sets, but what I will say is that there have been some well thought out poses for these sets and the sculpting really has been top drawer.

Re: Masters for Late War French Dragoons

OMG a really superb set , can't wait for release , well done Strelets team, suggestion for painting guide

Histoire & Collections, number 24, Officers & Soldiers of French Dragoons Volume 1 , 1669 to 1749 by Veronique & Ludovic Letrun

all in colour with both types of headgear , guidons etc

stay safe out there
cheers Old John

Re: Masters for Late War French Dragoons

I really like the look of these as generic cavalry. Love the really neat, usable, poses.

Re: Masters for Late War French Dragoons

These will also be a welcome addition! Is it just the cartridge pouch that need 'dealing with' in order for these to be generic line cavalry?