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Re: WSS release dates?

Dear Chris,

we hope to release one guards set in spring.
Few others, most likely, will be released in a big bunch of sets in summer.

Best regards,

There are sad news, but let us hope that the next bunch will bring us most of the new WSS-sets. Good moulds and miniatures are better than fast products with certain weaknesses. Hope too that theirs prices won´t still rise like actually in many german internet-shops.

I personally prefer an extension of the WSS range to other nations before a production of another minor french or british special cavalry-set.

Austrian/Bavarian cuirassiers - theirs uniforms were quite similar
Hungarian hussars - they can been used also for bavarian hussars
Austrian infantry - please 2 sets: firing//loading/standing and marching/advancing/attacking. or 2 sets: musketeers and grenadiers separetly
Mounted bavarian grenadiers

Austrian dragoons
dutch infantry + grenadiers
prussian infantry + grenadiers
danish infantry + grenadiers
prussian cavalry

Others will add certainly some spanish units.....

And a generic artillery set with mortars or bigger canons, please....

Re: WSS release dates?

Welcome back Strelets. And I thank you for finally answering my question on 13 March. So I'll wait for this summer, it will be long, but take your time, so that your models are beautiful.