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Re: WSS release dates?

Summer?! That's a long wait for these super looking sets!!! Fingers crossed you can sneak another one or two WSS sets into a Spring release...

Re: WSS release dates?

Dear Rich,

there are molds for 9 WSS sets in the process of making, one can't make them all overnight.



Re: WSS release dates?

Nine sets, that is a lot of mould-making! Much better to take the time to get these right. Summer will be here before we know it! I'm sure we all have many painting projects to get on with before these new figures arrive:relaxed:

Incidentally: I think there are 8 sets listed under the WoSS 'Campaigns' tab on the main Strelets product site. What then is the 9th set planned for release in the summer? Cavalry in cuirasses...maybe French Cuirassiers du Roi, or Danish Horse?

Re: WSS release dates?

Dear Chris,

we hope to release one guards set in spring.
Few others, most likely, will be released in a big bunch of sets in summer.

Best regards,

There are sad news, but let us hope that the next bunch will bring us most of the new WSS-sets. Good moulds and miniatures are better than fast products with certain weaknesses. Hope too that theirs prices won´t still rise like actually in many german internet-shops.

I personally prefer an extension of the WSS range to other nations before a production of another minor french or british special cavalry-set.

Austrian/Bavarian cuirassiers - theirs uniforms were quite similar
Hungarian hussars - they can been used also for bavarian hussars
Austrian infantry - please 2 sets: firing//loading/standing and marching/advancing/attacking. or 2 sets: musketeers and grenadiers separetly
Mounted bavarian grenadiers

Austrian dragoons
dutch infantry + grenadiers
prussian infantry + grenadiers
danish infantry + grenadiers
prussian cavalry

Others will add certainly some spanish units.....

And a generic artillery set with mortars or bigger canons, please....

Re: WSS release dates?

Welcome back Strelets. And I thank you for finally answering my question on 13 March. So I'll wait for this summer, it will be long, but take your time, so that your models are beautiful.