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Selling my 1/72 figures collection

Dear All,

never thought i will write this one day. I read a lot of emails like this and did not think it will happen to me.

I need to have more space in my house and I have very big collection of 1/72 scale figures. I began to sell them on ebay (now there are listed only small part of it). I have a lot of old rare sets, for example esci Red Guards:

Please have a look at my others sets, which i have never opened (did not have time for that).

Every Sunday I will put more sets on sale.

Well if anybody is interested - see You on ebay.

Thank You all!

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Selling my 1/72 figures collection


I hope that you will get all the place that you need, and a great amount of cash in addition to that. If you can, try to keep just a few very favorite ones, and perhaps even figures from an entire era, so your heart will not start bleeding when you think back of your collection in a few years.

I too ran into space issues, but due to a loving wife, I will be getting shelves soon, and may soon reach the level of organization that I have been dreaming of for the past 35 years, since I first put down on paper how I wanted to organize and store my collection.....

Re: Selling my 1/72 figures collection

Thank You Jan,

For sure I will keep some. But I bought too much. I never counted them and hope to be able sell part of it in one or two years putting 40-50 sets on eBay every week. I will put every weekend new sets to sale.

Kind regards,