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Contributions during the last week

It's good to have the Forum up and running again.

Just to record my congratulations to Messrs Buckingham and Frechette for their respective contributions over the last few days. Alan's rendition of the WoSS British cavalry set is very fine; I can see a competition looming amongst us 18th century figure painters as to who can manage to 'do' wigs and lace most convincingly!

Paul's rendition of the FFL in camp is nicely executed. I like the calm feel to it, made more so by the blue backdrops. Fine painting and basing, and good props in the tents and large palms. Well done!

Re: Contributions during the last week

Agreed Mark.

I sent Alan an email but now can acknowledge his superb painting 'in public'.

Have only just seen Paul's fine French Foreign Legion 'cavorting'! :) (quietly)



Re: Contributions during the last week

Thanks, they have pride of place on the painting shelf, I rate them as one of the best sets I have painted, both from a manufacturing view point and the effort I put in painting them.