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Alan's Contributions

I may run out of fingers and toes to count on before Alan Buckingham takes a break from submitting Contributions. I count 14 just since last Dec until now. Wow, thank you!

I have been thoroughly enjoying my Saturday morning coffees all during these months and looking at his excellent Contributions.

I think there is only one way possible Alan can make time for this. When he says, "Mum, I'm on me way down to the harbour to work on my fishing boat - see you later!", he actually has a secret painting lab down below in the boat's bilge.

However you do it, I really enjoy all of your hard work, and this includes these FFL in white fatigues. :palm_tree:

Re: Alan's Contributions

This is another set that I didn't know was out. I think this is an example of not being able to browse my local excellent hobby shop.
Another fine collection of our ever growing desert chums. Frankly those Rifs dont stand a chance.
Whilst I dont generally go in for conversions, some of these look ripe for casualties, grenade throwing (did they go in for grenades?) and the start of an ad hoc cricket match theres a bowler and wicket keeper straight off. I see theres the odd canteen as well, so it's a plus all round and PSR will be pleased.
Thank you for sharing this set with us to your usual high standard.

Re: Alan's Contributions

Bravo Alan...another good paint job.

Re: Alan's Contributions

Dear Alan,

Well done yet again.

They have clearly been hard a work with the OMO!

Regards, James

Re: Alan's Contributions

Thanks chaps, the next few have a bit more going on in the colour department.