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Re: Actually Played a WSS Game

James Fisher
Interesting that they split the audience (this sub-set of it at least).

I find that they have a timeless quality. Excellent firing and loading poses and a range of other poses that at first seemed 'useless' and then came more and more into their own with changing needs and mores of the hobby (as Graham noted).

Getting a mounted officer and coupla foot ones in each box? Superb. Those 'useless' casualty carrying and prone figures, ripe for conversions, casualty figures or other markers. The 'high port' figure I was less enamoured with, I must admit...

None of the more modern versions have outdone them for uniformed versions of the intended subject, nor for application to early- mid-18th C. Even as early Napoleonic Spanish or Sardinians prior to having better options in the past 3–5 years!

Regards, James
They flag bearer never bothered me, as he was just making up the numbers anyway. If you look at my units you'll see that the flags are stuck into the bases, not carried by figures.

Those high port figures are an issue - what pose is that supposed to be? Still, you stand enough of them side by side and they look okay.

They've served me well for many years. Sure, the current Strelets sculptor has got them beat hands down but their figure mix is off - too many grenadiers in a box, I'm afraid. I shall be buying more of them when my figure pile has gone down a bit more, or when I restart me ongoing WSS project, but I can't see me ever retiring those WA figures from my table top armies.

Re: Actually Played a WSS Game

For the Airfix GWA set I have carefully removed the flag to make an artillery man and the Mounted Officers are used as Musicians for my Hussar regiments. With the British Grenadiers the Mounted Officers have become Horse Greadier Guards, they work equally well as Scot's Greys. In this scale the only difference is the colour of the horse: a Cavalry Black or a Grey. Also I painted the whole box as British Fusiliers with a GWA Foot Officer with a head sxop to lead them. In this guise the Standard Bearer is appropriate. It´s only reading these forums that I realised that the GWA with their legwear could stand in hor Hungarians.

Best regards,