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Favorite paints?

Hello there!

I hope no one minds me asking a question, almost a poll. I'd love everyone's opinions!

I used to do figure painting and scale modelling, but have not in many, many years due to my work schedule. This may change in future, however, so I have been thinking about re-entering the hobby.

I have plenty of figures and models to paint and build. I'd like to hear people's advice on the best paints to invest in.

When I used to paint, I was a cash-strapped teen, so used craft store acrylics (Delta Ceramcoat, to be exact). Not great, but dirt cheap and, according to the state my figures are in now that I painted back then, still looking great!

I am a bit partial to acrylics over enamel, but want to go with the overall best option.

In recent years I have seen so many people (mostly in wargaming and Warhammer 40k) use Citadel paints. They seem very expensive, but I admit, I have been very impressed by their textures, washes, contrast paints, etc. A part of me feels guilty, almost like that's cheating. (Hey, I learned how to make washes on my own as a kid, without guidance, with just water and cheap acrylic! I can do it again!) But, I am still tempted.

Other than that, there's always the regular lines most modelers use. Vallejo, Humbrol, Testors, etc.

So. What do YOU use, and why?

Thanks everyone!


Re: Favorite paints?

I use all the above and Wargames foundry paints, and like them all, I have acquired hundreds of tubes tubs and bottles of paint , many have been in the collection for thirty years and are a legacy of my changing tastes and subjects. Citadel are the ones I have least of, not because I don`t like them but because they dry out in the tubs the fastest.

Re: Favorite paints?

Once upon a time I used Humbrol Matt Enamels, but with the vast improvements in acrylics in the last decade or so I now use Vallejo, supplemented by artists acrylics (Daler Rowney, Winsor and Newton) and some Tamiya acrylics. Vallejo is my 'go to' brand, and the artist's paints are generally for undercoating/block base colouring, although I do tend to use them a lot for horses: applied thinly in layers to build up the colour they seem to work well.

I do still use Humbrol Enamels for WW2 AFVs and other vehicles...just can't quite kick the habit.

Re: Favorite paints?

Pretty much all Vallejo acrylics now. Mostly model color range with the odd game color bottle thrown in. Some Humbrol acrylics with the new bottles in the stash too.

Used use Humbrol enamels but switched when some sets didnt take too well to the enamel, not to mention i have found acrylic is much easier and nicer to deal with (no need for white spirit/brush cleaner etc).

Re: Favorite paints?

For a long time I used GW paints because, basically, they were the only game in town. Available locally, and a wide range of colours.

Recently - about 5 or 6 years ago - a couple of things happened Vallejo became more available local to me, and GW changed their range of colours so that now you need some sort of college course to know what is what. Plus I prefer dropper bottles to the GW jars. Now I use mainly Vallejo colours with some GW for certain things.

Also recently I started using a wet palette, you can use GW colours with one, but dropper bottles allow you to just place a tiny amount of pigment in the pallette, which is often all you need.

Re: Favorite paints?

All acrylics. I have a depleting stock of FolkArt, but more recently, and increasingly, Vallejo and GW. I no longer use enamels, mostly because acrylics are more user friendly.

Re: Favorite paints?

This has been very, very helpful to me. Thank you very much to all who posted! I think I am making up my mind now. Much appreciated, and a huge thank you to you all!

Re: Favorite paints?

Enamels, enamels, and enamels again. I started with enamels decades ago and I stick with enamels to this very day. Tried acrylics and deemed them not meeting my requirements. I've never had any problems with the "unhealthy" smell of the minimal quantities of turpentine substitute or thinners that I needed.


Re: Favorite paints?

Yes, I can quite understand an enduring preference for enamels. They were the only paints I used for at least the first 30 years I spent pursuing this hobby, and I still do use them from time to time....most recently in fact to paint armour on a range of TYW pikemen and cavalry (a project with a very long way yet to go I hasten to add). And yes, the smell of turpentine is, if you like it, a wonderful aroma.

Nice to see more pictures from you, Handlewithcare. The leafy arbor looks like a good place to be, as does the lively tavern! The better aspects of the early C17th brought to life.

Re: Favorite paints?

There is some very good work there, very impressed.

Re: Favorite paints?

I use vallejo acrylics and army painter washes and am usually happy with them. Although most of the reds always seem very runny...