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Re: To Paint or Leave in the Box - Analysis Paralysis

Hi Chaps (I'll make an assumption at this point based on names )
Thank you for your replies. It would appear rather as I suspected that whilst the majority cherry pick subjects to paint, at least two of the six, paint everything in the box. At the outset I assumed I would speed up as I became more experienced. This however is not the case and I feel that I have in fact got slower possibly becoming more self critical. You only have to look at some of the contributions to realise how much room for improvement there really is. So like Steve I am about the 1000 to 1200 a year mark. Covid has probably increased this a bit but you can do too much and it become a chore.
I would say that I like to visit and even voice something on this website and feel that the vast majority are supportive to one another in let's face,is a minority pastime.
So thank you
So now it's back to the Saxons


Re: To Paint or Leave in the Box - Analysis Paralysis

I almost never paint my troops. My intention is to play wargames with them but due to moving I have not done any wargames in a few years. My hope is later this year or maybe next year I will be set up to play wargames again.

Do what makes you feel good, they are toys, after all.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: To Paint or Leave in the Box - Analysis Paralysis

I expect to paint and use every figure in every box, and I resent it when that isn't possible. I like the idea of 4 identical sprues in a box, as I usually put four figures on a base, and I like to use the same or similar poses.