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Re: A personale lista of suggestions

Poor Jerzy used to cheer for Byzantines.

Lots of good suggestions above. As a concept, either small standalone themes, or completing / complementing ones. So:

*Afghan / Pathan tribesmen (like the various excellent Arab boxes)

* Dutch-Belgian 1815 Heavy Cavalry

* Elamites
* Nebucadnezzar’s Babylonians, including the lighter armed Chaldeans
* Arameans / Canaanites in long fringed robes; some infantry with “girded up loins” (kilt tucked into belt to aid rapid movement)

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

Oooh yes! Chariot wars stuff, Caesar kinda started on that with some excellent figures and then seemed to drop out of it. Like the look of the Linear a stuff but a bit put off by the price.