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Defending the Church contribution

A lively and really interesting Contribution. Thank you Dirk!

This looks like a band of raiding Vikings who are unpleasantly surprised to find a well-armed force of defenders 'of the Faith' (rather than simply a few defenceless monks), standing between them and their loot. An epic battle looms which will be told by the Bards around the evening fire for many years to come.

I like the rough-hewn Dark Age Church and the points of detail. The black pigs seem very calm about the danger all around them...and not least that they might end up as 'roast pork' once the fighting is done!!

A very effective diorama.:+1:

Re: Defending the Church contribution

Yes, I enjoy this also for the same details. Very fine warriors and animals add to any diorama or battlefield's realism! :pig:

Re: Defending the Church contribution

Dear Dirk,

I'd like to third Mark and Garrison's comments, a fine looking diorama, well constructed, with excellent painting of the figures and a marvellous scratch-build church. Great modelling!

Regards, James

Re: Defending the Church contribution

Hi Dirk
Ah those Vikings, beware the Northmen. Super little diorama, at first glance I thought the priest was death coming to call. I like the shields and the flag emblem in particular plus the multicolored clothing. I'm sure some of these boys work on first up best dressed. I'm back to this period myself at the moment so it's nice to see someone else brushing up on the same subject.

Re: Defending the Church contribution

Having done a few Anglo Saxons myself lately I am in awe of the shields great painting, and a super diorama.

Re: Defending the Church contribution

Lovely little diorama. Takes me back to when my group used to play a lot of Pig Wars. Dark Age/early Medieval is one of my favourite periods.

Re: Defending the Church contribution

I add my kudos; neat little story told in one scene.