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Re: A personale lista of suggestions

All of the aforementioned Napoleonic sets, but I also would love to see Austrian and Hungarian line infantry with helmets and shako's in reserve, advancing and firing both in great coat and summer uniform. It is awkward that the Hungarians although they made up quite a portion of the emperor's force have never been depicted except as an afterthought in the early ESCI/Italeri set. Those were grenadiers, not in the most appropriate poses either.
Having said that, I would still love to see action sets of Russian Jaeger and musketeers in ordinary uniform and in great coat.

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

My father taught me as a kid, "The squeaky wheel get's the grease!" So here is my squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak ... :thinking_face: Hmm, lets see now ...

* Battle of Camerone 1863 - Mexicans in Sombreros and the unique FFL's.

* Apaches (Just love your one indian set!).

* Spanish-American War - Especially Spanish Armies.

* Finish Napoleonic British Square with Highlanders and other armies incl French (made by same sculptor who made the "at ease" set).

* Colonial British firing line and Mahdists for Colonial era Sudan.

P.S. - Same wishes as before, so I'll just keep "squeaking" :bike: until our axles gets at least some grease. :mask: Lets keep working together for all of our dreams; almost there!

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con la guerra hispano-americana. Me encantaría poder tener tropas españolas.

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

I totally agree with the list of GC above especially, Mexicans (sombreros), FFL in Mexico and army of Emperor Maximillian, American Spanish war. Then I would add Vichy French and colonial troops for the North African Campaign and Mexican revolutions (Villa / Zapata).

Perhaps for Orion to take note: Green Berets, American special forces,US artillery,navy and air force and South Koreans and Australians all for Vietnam. French for Indo China (Dien Bien Phu) and infantry of countries involved in Korean War under the UN. Some civilians re Vietnam war will also be welcome.

Unbelievable great gaps of WW2: Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians, Greeks, Albanians, Yugolav Fascists, Chinese and Bulgarians - Mars please consider focusing on these armies of WW2.

Finally modern Egyptian army or other Arab army (Jordanian / Lebanese / Syrian) to pit against already existing IDF (Israeli artillery / air force will be most apprciated).Once referring to modern armies please remember French, Chinese and Ukrainian / Georgian armies.

I know life is made of dreams but sometimes dreams do come true.

P,S, Spanish army for RIF war.

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

"The Squeeky wheel gets the grease"

Haha i will have remember that one!! 😂

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

Ahh another one of those request threads ;) I'll post the same things I've done many times before and hopefully Strelets might get round to them when they've finished with the men in WOSS pantomime fancy dress, tubular nappies, Beau Geste, Raid on Rommel and other such distractions ;)

Russian Civil War
- tachankas
- partisan infantry (eg Makhnovists)
- naval infantry
- Kuban/Terek Cossack Infantry (Plastoons)
- Ukrainian nationalists

War of 1812
- US dragoons
- British Royal Marines in trousers
- Canadian Voltigeurs and militia
- US Scott's Brigade
- US Regulars and Rifles

13th Century Far East
- Mongol light cavalry archers
- Chinese Song Dynasty infantry and artllery
- Japanese foot and horse bushi based on the Mongol Invasion Scroll
- Retooled dismounted Yuan/Mongols

- transport mules

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

The quite waters crash the bridges ...

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

Many nice proposals! I have "Copy and Paste" from the proposed sets which I desire too - and have add some other sets.

My wish-list

Greek/Hellenstic period, Europe 13.-15th century, WSS, Napoleonic, WW1

Byzantines 11.-12. century

I have given already all my proposals

- British Infantry in square (Waterloo)
- Austrian cavalry (Hussars and lancers)
- Russian dragoons
Napoleonic British Hussars
1813-1815 French Summer Infanty Dress fighting
1815 French Young Guard in Full Dress
1813-1815 Prussian Horse Artillery
Napoleonic Firing lines Prussia, Poland, French

Gallipoli Sets
German Stormtroopers

Russian Civil War
- tachankas
- partisan infantry (eg Makhnovists)
- naval infantry
- Kuban/Terek Cossack Infantry (Plastoons)

Re: A personale lista of suggestions


Russian Civil War
- tachankas
- partisan infantry (eg Makhnovists)
- naval infantry
- Kuban/Terek Cossack Infantry (Plastoons)

Presumably the 'Tachanka' has at least one 'squeaky wheel'...?:blush:

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

I would like to see a lot of dark age/early medieval


It would also be nice to see an upgrade of the Carolingian sets you produced long to your modern day standards.

As ever I would like to see proper coverage of the Byzantine Empire, particularly 11/12th century that would provide another enemy to your Normans.

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

Poor Jerzy used to cheer for Byzantines.

Lots of good suggestions above. As a concept, either small standalone themes, or completing / complementing ones. So:

*Afghan / Pathan tribesmen (like the various excellent Arab boxes)

* Dutch-Belgian 1815 Heavy Cavalry

* Elamites
* Nebucadnezzar’s Babylonians, including the lighter armed Chaldeans
* Arameans / Canaanites in long fringed robes; some infantry with “girded up loins” (kilt tucked into belt to aid rapid movement)

Re: A personale lista of suggestions

Oooh yes! Chariot wars stuff, Caesar kinda started on that with some excellent figures and then seemed to drop out of it. Like the look of the Linear a stuff but a bit put off by the price.