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Box artwork for French dismounted dragoons

I like it!:grinning:

Is this a new box art style for forthcoming and future WoSS sets? If so, I think an improvement on the previous style.

This is set 254. The forthcoming French artillery is 244, and the Dragoons on the march are at number 251. It will be very interesting to see which other new sets fill the gaps in this number series!!

Re: Box artwork for French dismounted dragoons

I much prefer the more artistic approach to the boxes too.
Think its because as a kid I used to like the depictions on the Airfix model kits, especially the WW2 aircraft.
Looking at a box with a picture of a Lancaster coming in to land, damaged, with an engine on fire, stirs the mind I think.

As for the missing set numbers, im hoping for something Napoleonic...with equally awe-inspiring artwork!! 😁

Re: Box artwork for French dismounted dragoons

I am impressed by this new set, both concerning the art-work and its title.

Re: Box artwork for French dismounted dragoons

I am still hopeful that the sets yet to come may include the allied troops opposing the French in this conflict. I tend to have to collect every set produced for the historic periods I am interested in. It's even more unusual to be able to collect sets that are produced by the same company, with size and style matching, for a given period. I have to add that I only do this when the figures look good. I admire the scope of what Mars has tried to do in representing various components of an historic period, but I do not own any of their sets because I am not attracted by their quality. I had noticed Red Box doing this with their early Russian troops, but so far, what Stretlets is doing goes even beyond that, and the quality of their figures has been better as the years go by. It is wonderful to watch this develop.

Re: Box artwork for French dismounted dragoons

I think more for the WSS than most periods showing the uniform in the way of a painting guide is important, there is not a lot of information easily available for those who have a passing interest or are new to the period like myself. I am painting the French Pikemen at present , not touched the command figures for not knowing how to paint them. So the more information on the box the better.

Re: Box artwork for French dismounted dragoons

Thats a good point Alan. Perhaps some evocative artwork on the front and a painting guide on the back?
Or if not a painting guide, a selection of online links to info on uniforms maybe?
Strelets/the sculptor presumably had resources they worked from?
If nothing on the box, what about a seperate page on the main website showing uniform resources?