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Re: Dismounted French dragoons WSS

old john
red and blue paints already plenty in stock here as well as all other colours needed as well as sources, references . prints ready for perusal when sets available , am very well prepared !!!:))
stay safe out there
cheers Old John
Excellent! I have a couple of boxes of the Gensdarmes/Chevauxlegers 'under the paintbrush' and having completed the horses and the scarlet coats I proto-typed the gold lacing on one of these today. The combination of bright red and gold is quite something. Difficult to believe that men went to war in uniforms as bright as these!:sunglasses:

Re: Dismounted French dragoons WSS

Great Idea.
I hope Strelets do the same for russian cavalry in WW2.
A set with cavalry man skirmishing on foot with some horse.
With several horses held by one of the hanging soldiers whom the others are skirmishing on foot.
Best regards