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Re: French Foreign Legion at Rest

Paul Frechette
Fair enough so its **** in pan then.
Well...depends on the quality of the chef, the amount of seasoning, and the toughness of the (plastic) chicken....:relaxed: :stew:

Re: French Foreign Legion at Rest

I'd like to add to Paul's discussion of the Italeri fort Alan chose for his pictures. I built one also and yes, it's MDF which is a kind of compressed wood and lazer cut - and - actual 1/72 scale. It's heavy which is nice. Lazer cut means it fits together perfectly. It's designed after an actual fort designed and built by the legion for a Christian missionary and his followers protection. It's style with firing slots was widely used in many forts by the legion. Alan picked the the perfect fort for his Contribution. The set's fort is "modular" so you can combine sets to make any size fort. MDF is smooth so Alan did a nice job texturing the fort and even added some nice bricks for the look! Well done.

I've looked for decades to find pictures or references of the Hollywood Fort Zinderneuf and nadda. There is a photo of the 1939 producer who conferred with an actual Legionnaire when designing the movie fort, but I don't think there is an actual real fort of that design. There is a "Zinder Village" in the Sahara though, but I can't find an actual fort of it's design. Mon Legionnaire site has the best links to photos and satellite photos of real forts. Really, all of the forts were different designs, sizes, and purpose built. Some were quite beautiful, but mostly early ones. Most of them were abandoned by the Legion after only a few years because thier expansion throughout Africa was so fast and technology changed so quickly. But yes, the outposts were there throughout the desert as rest stops and supply depots to aid and protect the French expansion.

Bottom line, Alan chose the best fort, did an outstanding job of representing a very interesting point in time of the the FFL history showing what life could be like for the men who were mostly adventurers. And it was a hard experience for them.

If anyone can add to this about the movie Zinderneuf, or correct any comments I've made, feel free. I'd love to learn more about the Legion's forts.

Below is the link to the Italeri site. Be sure to click on the arrows so you fully see all of the thumbnails. You can see all you get in the set.

By the way - Strelets FFL sets are the best, in poses and actual details - Zzz Best! Thanks Strelets and Alan!