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Re: On a lovely Friday evening

James Fisher
reCaptcha ... Out of interest, how does 'William' get around it? If it don't stop 'him', why even bother?
Presumably because it stops the other fifty spam robots from getting on. One is more than enough.

Lovely looking figures and I'm wondering if a tin of tartan paint and a bit of imagination might turn them into dismounted Baggot's Hussars.
Baggot's Hussars, why not, I'm sure these figures would work well. I also think that, with a suitable paint job, these would work as French dragoons for the War of Austrian Succession and SYW.

Is the tartan paint the one made by the well-known and excellent miniatures gaming company starting with a 'C' (I think they call it 'Undead clan tartan' or something like that)??....:upside_down_face:

Re: On a lovely Friday evening

To be honest I tend to steer clear of some companies because I'm too stupid to decipher their paint names; but I'm sure I can find tartan paint somewhere on the internet. William Smith probably has a web shop that would be happy to sell me some. :wink:

Re: On a lovely Friday evening

I would say this dismounted dragoons set is looking the best one so far.Really can't wait for it!