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Re: Artillery plans

Hi Allan,

we don't have such plans at the moment.
Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,

Well thats very very disappointing to hear, especially after seeing the effort put into the WSS artillery masters.

I guess its gonna end up having to be metal French 1812-1815 Foot artillery or Prussian Horse artillery then if nobody is gonna make them in 1/72 plastic soon. 😕

Almost afraid to ask but what about Napoleonic infantry in firing lines? Or any expansion on the 1815 Brunswickers? Any Nap sets with a more "in combat" feel instead of the recent "in reserve" sets?

Any Nap sets suitable for the 100 days/Waterloo in pipeline for 2021?

Re: Artillery plans

Nevertheless, it would indeed be great if Strelets offered appropriate 1812-15 artillery sets for major belligerents (France, Russia, Austria-Hungary & Prussia) and also smaller but significant armies (Poland, Bavaria, Württemberg, ...).

To accompany recent infantry & cavalry innovations, the most urgent cases would imho be Prussian & Austrian foot artillery. :wink:

Re: Artillery plans

Strelets do you have plans for any Desert WW2 sets for this year, we have only seen WSS so far ?

Re: Artillery plans

Just a thought, but there are around 30 sets listed as 'Future releases' by Strelets on the PSR site. Many of these are Napoleonic, some wintry, some WoSS, but few deserty. But I'm sure this is only an indication/possibility.

Re: Artillery plans

I have just taken a look at the list, all manufacturers, very few that float my boat, so lets hope for some surprises.

Re: Artillery plans

that's just naughty lol

Re: Artillery plans

Hi Strelets,

Thanks for responding although I am very sad to hear that you are not planning an artillery sets in 2021, hopefully 2022 will be more successful.

Are any Napoleonic's in your plans for 2021 or are you concentrating on earlier periods.

thanks in advance