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Re: Ugg

James Fisher
Dear Graham,

I liked the look of Ugg when I noticed him over the weekend,, but did not realise that he had been joined by Ogg. They both look great.

They will have a place for me immediately in 'Paleo Diet: Eat or be Eaten'. I plan to try a game with the grandies when we next have them here. I have painted up some unamoured early German ancients figures and some from Airfix's Tazan set to use as members of the hunting party(ies). These from Linear A will supplement/compliment/replace them nicely.

Regards, James
Goodness James, the prospect of being eaten by the opposition creates a whole new edge to this wargaming hobby...and ups the stakes on winning the game quite a lot I think!!

Only joking...I hope:joy:

Re: Ugg

Really looking forward to these. Will use them as "Wildlings"

Re: Ugg

Definately getting these.

Re: Ugg

Bit disappointed with the lack of action in the poses and the type and number of poses. On stage 3, modelling complete which is only 7 poses including all the double poses. Don't really want 3 lots of a Denisovan and a Neanderthal meeting, even the kill being transported is not particularly useful in multiple copies. Looks like Linear A missed a great opportunity here to produce exciting hunting and camp scenes.

Re: Ugg

I think you could be right given they produce their figures on small circular sprues, and will probably keep the box dimensions unchanged. I hope that maybe there could be 1-2 single figure poses that we haven't seen yet. But then again, this is "Set 1" which implies another set or two could follow?