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Re: New 2021 Set Ideas

Think the biggest hole in historical Wargaming is the whole of the long time span of the Byzantine Empire

Re: New 2021 Set Ideas

Tony Mather
Think the biggest hole in historical Wargaming is the whole of the long time span of the Byzantine Empire
I agree, a huge hole and one that a manufacturer would need to research extensively and commit to fully in order to try to fill.

It is such an interesting and extended period (I studied it as a University student), but also quite 'difficult' to get to grips with. From a wargaming/modelling viewpoint, loads of potential in 1/72 though.

Re: New 2021 Set Ideas

Yay, wishlist time again... :joy:

Given that Strelets clarified they won't start any new ranges for the time being, we could focus on reasonable expansions of established ones.
There is still a rich variety of potentially worthwhile options for these as well.

Kabinettskriege/Cabinet Wars
Expansion of the outstanding WSS range with French and Imperial/Habsburg subjects (2 long-time key players & opponents), but also distinctive units from other relevant belligerents.
From there, expanding into further Kabinettskriege & specific corresponding subjects.
Ultimately this could hopefully culminate in a long overdue Strelets treatment of the 7YW. :relieved: :smile:
Yeah I know, but I really had to sneak at least one new range in here.

Continuous upgrade of major 1812-15 opponents (France, Russia, Austria-Hungary & Prussia) with marching, advancing and firing/reloading infantry. In addition, similar upgrade for other significantly involved combatants (Poland, Bavaria, Brunswick, Württemberg).
Cavalry branches for major players in marching poses and artillery in firing and repositioning poses.

WWI, RCW & Interbellum
Western Front
- French early infantry & Zouaves with MG crews
- French early cavalry (Dragoons & Chasseurs)
- German early infantry, MG & light to heavy artillery crews
- German early cavalry (updated Husaren, Ulanen & Dragoner)
- French 1916+ infantry & support weapons
- German 1916+ infantry & support weapons

Eastern Front, Balkans & Italy
- Russian infantry, MG & light/medium artillery crews
- Russian cavalry (updated Regulars & Cossacks)
- Austrian early infantry, MG & light to heavy artillery crews
- Austrian early cavalry (Dragoner, Husaren & Ulanen)
- Serbian early infantry & light/medium artillery crew
- Austrian Gebirgsinfanterie & mountain gun crew
- Alpini mountain gun crew
- Bulgarian early infantry, MG & light artillery crew
- Greek infantry & Evzones

Middle East
- Ottoman infantry, MG & light/medium artillery crews
- Ottoman mountain gun crew
- Ottoman regular & irregular cavalry (diff. headgear options)
- British artillery crew tropical (QF 13-pdr field gun)
- ANZAC infantry, MG & light artillery crew
- Indian infantry, MG & mountain gun crew
- ANZAC Mounted Division & Indian Cavalry Brigade, mounted & dismounted

General & Related
- medium & heavy Trench Mortars/Minenwerfer crews (A.-H., France, Germany & GB)
- French Spahis & Tirailleurs
- Japanese infantry & artillery crew
- Mule trains appropriate for mountain warfare
- Sappers for major belligerents (France, Germany, A.-H., Russia, Ottoman Empire, Italy & GB)
- Russian & German Communists & Spartacists workers/proletarians & sailors revolting
- Russian & German police forces in anti-riot action
- Freikorps 1918-23
- Polish cavalry (Polish–Soviet War 1919-21)
- Makhnovists & other RCW factions
- Monarchs, Political Leaders & prominent characters
- General staff & high-ranking or iconic commanders
- era-characteristic & country-specific Civilians

Europe 1939-41
- Polish infantry, support weapons & cavalry
- Dutch infantry & support weapons
- early Fallschirmjäger with support weapons
- French infantry, support weapons, light/medium artillery, AA & AT crews
- French cavalry, motorised Dragoons & Chasseurs Alpins
- Norwegian infantry & support weapons
- Greek infantry, support weapons & Mountain Troops
- Yugoslavian regular infantry 1941 & later partisans with mules 1941-45 (worn & mixed uniforms, distinctively yugoslavian)

Mediterranean/North Africa
- Afrika Korps light/medium artillery, AT & AA crews
- Afrika Korps tank & vehicle crews
- Italian light/medium artillery, AT & AA crews tropical
- Commonwealth light/medium artillery, AA & AT crews tropical

Asia & Pacific
- Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces
- Dutch KNIL infantry
- Chinese infantry & support weapons summer/winter (different factions & uniforms)
- Japanese, Chinese & Commonwealth supply/mule trains summer/(winter)
- Japanese & Chinese cavalry/mounted infantry summer/winter
- Commonwealth infantry & support weapons tropical (more distinctive Indian troops e.g.)

- Gebirgsjäger, support weapons & light artillery crew summer/winter
- 1939-42 Kradschützen, mounted/dismounted, distinctive gear & poses, summer/winter
- Engineers for major combatants, constructing/building, overcoming obstacles & in combat (satchel charges, wire cutters, mine clearing...)
- Soviet infantry & artillery crews (different uniforms, weapons & climates)
- Italian regular infantry & Bersaglieri rifle squads & support weapons, tropical/moderate
- Romanian infantry, support weapons & cavalry summer/winter
- Hungarian infantry & support weapons summer/winter
- Finnish infantry & support weapons summer/winter (further updates)
- French Colonial Troops (Tirailleurs, Goumiers, Spahis)
- US light/medium artillery crews summer/winter (Pacific/Med & NW Europe)
- marching troops for major combatants and prominent campaigns & battles (worn or fresh grunts loosely marching, not rank and file)
- Civilians covering different european populations, China, SE-Asia & North Africa

... Done for today. :laughing: ...
Before anyone accuses me of being greedy & naive, remember that this is merely a collection of ideas. No one seriously expects Strelets to actually work off this or that wish list in the shortest possible time or something like that.
However, with an output of at least 30 new sets per year, it seems not unrealistic to actually receive some of our suggestions at some point. :sunglasses:

Re: New 2021 Set Ideas

One of the longest lists I have ever seen!! Interesting ideas though, especially anything in the Kabinettskriege box, where Strelets already have some great intentions for 2021 with the additional WoSS sets. And always nice to see a photo of the first Madness album cover ....."One Step Beyond"(or perhaps, more sensibly, One Step At A Time):grinning: