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Re: Dragoons on the march.

James Fisher

p.s. I can't help the 'petty' and historically ignorant comment that they look like they a group of 'wee Willie winkies' going for a nocturnal ride!!
I sense that the 'gentlemen' of a French Dragoon unit might greet a 'Wee Willy winky' taunt, even a well-meaning one, with a well-directed volley or two, James!! But I agree that, in military terms, the headgear is less fearsome than some/most 'hats' of the 'Horse and Musket' era. Difficult to imagine French Napoleonic Dragoons wearing this headgear into battle I think.:relaxed:

Re: Dragoons on the march.

I'd deserve it too, Mark!

These are going to be perfect for me as Polish-Commonwealth dragoons in 'western' uniform for the Great Northern War.

Beauty again Strelets!


Re: Dragoons on the march.

Beautiful figures - even if not in one of my eras.

Re: Dragoons on the march.

Congratulations Strelets! Another exciting addition to the range. Really looking forward to seeing more complete sets being announced. This WSS range just keeps on impressing and I'm sure you must be dragging in many collectors who would have originally not wanted to collect a new era! Hopefully your sales numbers reflect well with these new releases and keep encouraging you to develop this range further.