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Please Strelets consider the Balkans in WW1 and post WW1 periods.


Here's another vote for more WW1 sets.

Top of my list would be:
- Serbian 1914-15 infantry in summer dress
- Serbian 1914-15 artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)
- Austro-Hungarian 1914-15 cavalry summer
- Austro-Hungarian 1914-15 infantry & MG crews summer
- the "Gallipoli" Ottomans Strelets have announced to be working on some years ago
- French 1916-18 support weapons (37mm gun as done for the FFL, mortars, MGs)

I'd certainly be tempted by
- Bulgarian 1915-16 infantry summer
- Bulgarian 1915-16 artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)
- Turkish artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)