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Re: cuirassiers in tricorne or helmet, suggestions for sources

A very useful list of references, Old John; and clearly quite a book collection you have there too! Thank you.

It is beginning to sound a little as if the 'armoured cavalry with or without helmets??' issue is one that can never be resolved with 100% certainty, since the first hand sources are not there.

I am sympathetic to the view expressed by Flambeau that some helmeted cavalry on the table-top breaks up the serried and endless ranks of tricornes, and I will probably want to have at least one Bavarian cuirassier unit in helmets...if only 'just for show'. My theory is that some Bavarian (and perhaps Austrian) squadrons might have worn the helmet early in the War of Spanish Succession (1703/4: so including Blenheim) but soon after replaced these with tricornes with an iron skull cap for head-protection. Probably more functional and not so hot...those helmets in the heat of a German summer must have been uncomfortable to say the least.:sunny:

Let's see what Strelets produce when the full set of armoured cavalry makes its appearance.:grinning: