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We also need WW1 Italians, Bulgarians and Austro-Hungarians, even some Greeks for the Macedonian front.


Yes Serbians, Bulgarians, Greeks and Italians for WW1. Perhaps Greeks can be used for war vs Ottomans after WW1.


Totally agree!
Plus WW1 Hungarians and the Ottomans which seem to have been forgotten.


I support this idea.We need more balkan wars wars figures,etc pre ww1 Turkish troops


Yes I agree too. We need more sets for all the Balkan Armies as well as some more Austrian sets such as cavalry and heavy artillery as well as Ottomans in winter gear.


Don't forget the Montenegrins or Romanians.


After the superb winter Serbs and Blue Army as well as summer French 4 and 2 years ago respectively, there is still a plethora of possible subjects to expand this & other sadly overlooked WWI theatres.

- Serbian 1914-16 infantry in summer dress
- Serbian 1914-16 artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)
- Austrian 1914-16 infantry & MG crews summer
- Austrian 1914-16 artillery crews summer (light to heavy guns)
- Austrian 1914-16 cavalry summer
- Bulgarian 1915-16 infantry summer
- Bulgarian 1915-16 artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)
- Turkish regular infantry summer
- Turkish artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)
- Romanian 1916 infantry summer
- French 1916-18 Armée d'Orient Colonial Troops
- Greek 1916-18 infantry & Evzones

Some of these could also be used for the preceding Balkan Wars and French Colonial, A.-H. & Ottoman troops could serve on several other WWI fronts as well of course.
Due to Strelets qualitative superiority of recent years, I even see no risk to ramble into subjects other manufacturers handled meagerly or inadequately (Austrians & Turks).

No doubt that a good number of WWI enthusiasts would support a venture into the south-east european theatre of the conflict. At least I would. :wink:
The Balkans, thats where this first global conflagration of the 20th century started. It may be viewed a "secondary" theatre by some, but it holds a significant place in history. The unsteady situation and the wide variety of involved nations/units makes it one of the most interisting WWI chapters.

One can always dream & I hope Strelets could take some of the mentioned subjects into consideration? :relaxed:


I would be pleased to see the following sets produced by Strelets:

- Austro-hungarian infantry in late war uniforms 1916-1918
- Italian army ww1
- Romanian army ww1
- More poles for both ww1 and 1920
- Greek army ww1
- German infantry ww1 (caps and helmets)
- Bulgarian army ww1

Still hoping for the near future


Please Strelets consider the Balkans in WW1 and post WW1 periods.


Here's another vote for more WW1 sets.

Top of my list would be:
- Serbian 1914-15 infantry in summer dress
- Serbian 1914-15 artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)
- Austro-Hungarian 1914-15 cavalry summer
- Austro-Hungarian 1914-15 infantry & MG crews summer
- the "Gallipoli" Ottomans Strelets have announced to be working on some years ago
- French 1916-18 support weapons (37mm gun as done for the FFL, mortars, MGs)

I'd certainly be tempted by
- Bulgarian 1915-16 infantry summer
- Bulgarian 1915-16 artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)
- Turkish artillery crews summer (light/medium guns)